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Stand out from the crowd and create the perfect look for your car, SUV or truck. We keep the newest styles and finishes in stock. View all of the top brands for custom wheels and rims. Want the perfect set of tires for those new wheels? Use our Tire Tool to shop by Tire Size, Vehicle or even by your license plate! When you have found the perfect set, see what it looks like on your ride with our Wheel Visualizer.

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Want to know how to choose the perfect new wheel?

While looking good is important there are other things to consider when picking out the perfect set of custom wheels. In addition to your driving goals there are 5 things to keep in mind:

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  1. Bolt Pattern- The bolt pattern is how many lug holes are on the wheels you're buying and how far apart they are. It has to be compatible with your vehicle. The lugs mate with the studs on your suspension.
  2. Wheel diameter- this is the distance between the two bead seats, the flat spots where the edges of the tire get hugged securely onto the wheel.
  3. Tire width- this is the measurement in millimeters (mm) from side to side looking at the tire head on.
  4. Tire aspect ratio- A change in the aspect ratio usually means the tire sidewall height changes. This will result in driving performance differences.
  5. Offset and Backspacing- offset and backspacing makes sure there's enough room for the new wheels sit properly in your wheel well, so nothing interferes with your braking components and suspension, there's no rubbing against bodywork and your car doesn't become unstable around corners or when braking.

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